Q1. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved a viability gap funding/partial capital grant of how much crore for GAIL (India) Ltd’s 2,539-km long Jagdishpur-Haldia and Bokaro-Dhamra (JHBDPL) natural gas pipeline?
(a) Rs 2,100 crore
(b) Rs 3,200 crore
(c) Rs 15,953 crore
(d) Rs 10,257 crore
(e) Rs 5,176 crore

Q2. Which among the following country's forces launched an operation to retake a northern town Sherqat from Islamic State terror group recently?
(a) Yemen
(b) Iran
(c) Syria
(d) Saudi Arabia
(e) Iraq

Q3. Government has approved nine highway projects of 414 kilometer at an estimated cost of Rs 2600 crore. These projects are not related to which state?
(a) West Bengal
(b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Nagaland
(d) Andhra Pradesh
(e) Telangana

Q4. Which city is set to become Odisha's second smart city?
(a) Sambalpur
(b) Balasore
(c) Rourkela
(d) Puri
(e) Cuttack

Q5. Brazil,  officially called the Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest country in both South America and the Latin American region. What is the currency of Brazil?
(a) Taka
(b) Dollar
(c) Euro
(d) Real
(e) Ruble

Q6. Andhra Bank is a medium-sized public sector bank of India, with a network of 2803 branches. Where is the headquarter of Andhra Bank?
(a) Bengaluru
(b) Chennai
(c) Mangalore
(d) Kolkata
(e) Hyderabad

Q7. The Nathpa Jhakri Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Satluj River in which of the following state?
(a) Andhra Pradesh
(b) Himachal Pradesh
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Arunachal Pradesh
(e) Madhya Pradesh

Q8. MUDRA Bank is a public sector financial institution in India. It provides loans at low rates to micro-finance institutions and non-banking financial institutions which then provide credit to MSMEs. MUDRA stand for?
(a) Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency
(b) Minimum Units Development and Refinance Association
(c) Micro Units Department and Refinance Assembly
(d) Micro Union Development and Refinery Agency
(e) None of the above

Q9. Guinness World Records granted the inaugural award for smallest national flag to the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at Waterloo for the flag measuring 1.178 micrometres in length. It is invisible without the aid of an electron microscope. Quantum Computing (IQC) institute located at which country?
(a) USA
(b) Canada
(c) Germany
(d) Russia
(e) France

Q10. Which among the following banks has  provides ‘customised loan repayment facility to farmers’?
(a) DCB Bank
(b) State Bank of India
(c) ICICI Bank
(d) Bank of Baroda
(e) IDFC Bank

Q11. Which Bank and Paytm have entered into a tie-up to make available financing on two-wheelers booked on the latter's platform?
(a) Axis Bank
(b) IndusInd Bank
(c) HDFC Bank
(d) ICICI Bank
(e) Bandhan Bank

Q12. As we all know Govt. of India collects tax revenue on various activities in the country. Which of the following is a part of the tax revenue of the Govt.?
I. Tax on Income
II. Tax on Expenditure
III. Tax on property of Capital Asset
IV. Tax on Goods and Services
(a) Both I and III only
(b) Both II and IV only
(c) All of the above
(d) Either I or II
(e) None of the above

Q13. We very frequently read about Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in newspapers. These SEZs were established with which of the following objectives?
I. To attract foreign investment directly
II. To protect domestic market from direct competition from multinationals
III. To provide more capital to agriculture and allied activities
(a) Only I
(b) Only II
(c) Only III
(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above

Q14. Many times we read about Future Trading in newspapers. What is Future Trading?
I. It is nothing but a trade between any two stock exchanges where in it is decided to purchase the stocks of each other on a fixed price throughout the year
II. It is an agreement between two parties to buy and sell an underlying asset in the future at a predetermined price
III. It is agreement between Stock Exchanges that they will not trade the stocks of each other under any circumstances in future or for a given period of time
(a) Only I
(b) Only II
(c) Only III
(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above

Q14. Centre has decided to open 3,000 Jan Aushadhi Kendras by .............?
(a) January, 2018
(b) December, 2016
(c) June, 2018
(d) March, 2017
(e) None of the above


Prisma App Download For Android. In present days taking pictures and uploading them to Instagram and other social networking websites has become a trend. Most of us use Instagram along with its filters being applied to images you uploaded. But, now an app named Prisma has taken over it.

Prisma APK Download For Android

Russian developer Alexey Moiseenkov developed the Prisma App. An interesting feature of Prisma app is that it turns the image you gave to it into paintings. It includes the art style of famous artists like Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh.

If in case you are new to this App;

By using a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence, the end results are a real sight to behold. It doesn’t just put a filter over your image, it actually scans the data to apply the style in an impressive way.

In the last update, it was known that it will be available for Android users and they are also working on adding similar effects to videos as well.

How to Download Prisma for Android:

Do, share your experience once you have used the app in the comments below. We will update this article if we receive any update about Prisma for both Android and iOS users.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is India’s most distinctive investor with a net worth more than USD 1 billion. He manages his own portfolio as a partner in asset management firm, Rare Enterprises.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was from middle class family his father was income tax officer. He started trading in 1985 when BSE Sensex was 150. He selected stock market trading as a full-time profession. For him “making money from the stock market is child’s play”. You can read about Rakesh Jhunjhunwala biography from here.
There is a caveat to this stock list of Jhunjhunwala’s holdings: Information is only available for companies in which his stake exceeds 1%, and is therefore mandatorily required to be disclosed. There are also companies in which he bought and sold his shares, only to buy again later.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Latest Portfolio Holdings
  1. Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services Limited (7.88%)
  1. Bilcare Ltd (8.51%)
  1. Aurobindo Pharma Limited (1.11%)
  1. Viceroy Hotels Limited (14.64%)
  1. Anant Raj Limited (2.12%)
  1. Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (3.43%)
  1. Escorts Limited (4.08%)
  1. Rallis India Limited (28%)
  1. NCC Limited (11.54%)
  1. Lupin Limited (1.76%)
  1. Agro Tech Foods Limited (7.63%)
  1. Ion Exchange (India) Ltd (6.02%)
  1. Titan Company Limited (9.05%)
  1. CRISIL Limited (5.67%)
  1. Karur Vysya Bank Limited (3.7%)
  1. Tata Motors Limited DVR (3.2%)
  1. Intellect Design Arena Limited (5.8%)
  1. Orient Cement Limited (1.22%)
  1. Prozone Intu Properties Limited (2.06%)
  1. Man Infraconstruction Limited (1.21%)
  1. D B Realty Limited (1.03%)
  1. Edelweiss Financial Services Limited (1.1%)
  1. Delta Corp Limited (6.84%)
  1. Fortis Healthcare Limited (1.07%)
  1. Firstsource Solutions Limited (3.8%)
  1. TV18 Broadcast Limited (1.34%)
  1. Autoline Industries Limited (9.44%)
  1. Aptech Limited (41.57%)
  1. Geometric Limited (19.35%)
  1. Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Ltd (3.67%)
  1. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (3.92%)

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s portfolio is consisting of 41 different stocks. Total value of his portfolio is INR 6239 Cr. Top stocks holding by him is Titan, Lupin and CRISIL. He holds 804.66 Lakh shares of Titan worth 1,799 Cr. He owns 78.83 lakh shares of Lupin worth 737 Cr. At the third position, he is holding 40 Lakh CRISIL shares worth 444 Cr.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Favorite stock Titan is losing its sheen.Titan Q1 net dips 15% to Rs 151cr. Jewellery sale sink by 11%. Titan is down by 5%.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala said some time back that e-commerce boom would burst sooner or later, But a recent bumper profit of amazon is proving him wrong.
Mr Jhunjhunwala, his wife Rekha Jhunjhunwala, and their company Rare Enterprises together have bought a total of 6.25 lakh shares of Escorts from the open market on August 6th,2015.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala recently purchased 2.24% equity share of Intellect Design. As per latest share holding pattern he has also increased stack in Polaris Consulting, a parent company of Intellect, to 4.99 percent from 4.74 percent during the quarter.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala buys 1.05% in Jet Airways – Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s RARE Enterprises acquired 11.95 Lakhs shares or 1.05 percent stake in the private airline. The shares were bought at an average price of Rs 422.76, valuing the transaction at Rs 50.52 crore. Following the transaction, shares of Jet Airways surged by 11.28 % on the NSE.
Next Mediaworks is latest stock pick by Jhunjhunwala. He has invested 35 Cr in Next Radio subsidiary of Next Mediaworks.
Jhunjhunwala has picked up 7 lakh shares in IT training firm Aptech. He is holding 45.28% stake in this company.
In September 2016, 3.5 Lac shares of Adlabs Entertainment was purchased by Rare Enterprise at  81.86 Rs.
Jhunjhunwala filed application of Rs.750 Cr under ICICI Prudential Insurance IPO and got share of 27 Cr.

www.kuvempuuniversitydde.org - Kuvempu University 2014  BA/ B.Sc/ B.Com/ BBA Result

Kuvempu University BA/ B.Sc/ B.Com/ BBA Result were declared already - the Results are available at official website of Kuvempu University is  www.kuvempuuniversitydde.org

Kuvempu University Results 2014

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The Kuvempu  University has declares the results of  only  some courses.


1.  Second Anglo Maratha War 1803-05—It weakened the Maratha power. The English annexed Tanjore, Surat and Carnatic.

2.  Third Anglo Maratha War 1817- 18—The British forces defeated Marathas and this campaign finally extinguished the Maratha Empire.

3.  Battle of Cheelianwala 1849—Forces of the East India Company under Lord Hugh Gough defeated the Sikhs under Sher Singh.

4.    Battle of Kalinga 261 B.C.— Ashoka defeated the king of Kalinga. Ashoka embraced Buddhism and preached it during the rest of his life after this war.

5.    First Battle of Tarain or Thaneswar A.D. 1191 -  Prithvi Raj Chauhan defeated Mohammed Ghori.

6.    Second Battle of Tarain A.D. 1192 - Mohammed Ghori defeated Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Ghori’s victory paved the way for the establishment of Muslim rule in India.

7.    First Battle of Panipat 1526— Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi. This laid the foundation of the Mughal rule in India.

8.    Second Battle of Panipat 1556—Bairam Khan (Akbar’s General) defeated Hemu (the Hindu General and right-hand man of Mohd. Adil Shah). It also ended the Afghan Rule and Mughal Rule began instead.

9.    Third Battle of Panipat 1761—Ahmed Shah Abdali defeated Marathas. It gave a terrible blow to the Maratha power. It made the field clear for the English.

10.  Battle of Khanwah 1527— Babar defeated Rana Sanga of Mewar. This battle resulted in the defeat of the powerful Rajput confederacy.

11.  Battle of Talikota 1564- 65—United alliance between Bijapur, Bidar, Ahmednagar and Golkonda under Hussain Nizam Shah defeated Ram Raja of Vijayanagar. It destroyed the Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagar.

12.  Battle of Haldighati 1576—Akbar’s forces headed by Raja Man Singh defeated Rana Pratap, the brave Rajput king. Though defeated, Rana Pratap refused to accept Mughal authority and carried on warfare till his death.

13.  Battle of Plassey 1757— The English under Lord Clive defeated Siraj-ud-Daulah. It brought Muslim Rule in Bengal to an end and laid foundations of the British Rule in India.

14.  Battle of Wandiwash 1760—The English defeated the French. The battle sealed the fate of the French in India and paved the way for English rule in India.

15.  Battle of Buxar 1764— Fought in 1764 between the forces of the English and the combined forces of Mir Qasim, Shuja-ud-Daulah (Nawab of Oudh) and the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam. The English victory at Buxar finally riveted the shackles of the Company’s rule upon Bengal.

16.  First Mysore War (1767- 68)—In 1768, Haider Ali was defeated by the English relinquishing all his rights over Mysore in favour of the English.

17.  Second Mysore War 1780— A grand alliance between Haider Ali, the Nizam and the Marathas was formed and Haider Ali. He defeated the English and took possession of Arcot and became the undisputed master of the Carnatic.

18.  Third Mysore War 1790- 92—Fought between the English and Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan had to submit and was compelled to sign the Treaty of Seringapattam stripped him of half his territory.

19.  Fourth Mysore War 1799— The British forces under Arthur Wellesley defeated Tipu Sultan, which brought the end of the Tipu Sultan.

20.  First Anglo-Maratha War (1775–1782) was the first of three Anglo-Maratha wars fought between the British East India Company and Maratha Empire in India. The war began with the Treaty of Surat and ended with the Treaty of Salbai.

21.    Battle of Kannauj (1540 A.D.) – Sher Shah Suri defeated Humayun. After this battle, Humayun fled to Iran and Sher Shah Suri occupied Delhi.

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ICET 2014 is conducted by Kakatiya University, fifth time on behalf of APSCHE. ICET 2014 Online Application at www.apicet.org.in from 20-02-2014 onward.

ICET 2014 notification - 14-02-2014
ICET Online Application starts from 24-02-2014
Last date for  Online Application submission without late fee -0.4-04-2014
ICET 2014 Hall ticket download at www.apicet.org.in start from - 12-05-2014
AP ICET 2014 exam date 23-05-2014
ICET primary key 2014 release on 26-05-2014

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